more than 15 years in the heat treatment of metals


Nitriding in medium ionic liquid (salt bath nitriding)

  •  KATRING PLUS Company Ltd. is a private Czech company founded in 1999
  •    the company currently employs approximately 50 employees   
  • profiled in the segment of modern businesses, focusing on the thermal processing of metals   
  • we technologically strong company producing top quality products at the European level   
  • constantly developing company which emphasizes the development of technological background and growth of qualification and motivation of our employees   
  • company policy is to develop systems that have the effect of increasing production and technical quality of our production   
  • Company follows a policy of quality ISO 9001: 2008, ISO / TS 16949: 2009
  •  in 2014 the entry of the French company TECHNIQUES SURFACES HOLDING (HEF Groupe). Et cetera technology and licenses technology ARCOR
  • from  1.1.2018 new name of the company: Techniques Surfaces Czech Republic s.r.o.

Company goals Techniques Surfaces Czech Republic s.r.o.

  • obtaining mean positions in selected market segments   
  • achieve adequate production profitability   
  • constantly bringing new solutions and technologies in production   
  • community development   
  • adhere to quality requirements according to European standards

Benefits for our clients:

  • higher efficiency of production processes   
  • saving production costs   
  • higher productivity   
  • the added value of our solution



Technology ARCOR - patent H.E.F. - Representation for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Our reference: Federal Mogul - valvetrain, Ceska Zbrojovka  a.s. - Uhersky Brod, Windmöller & Hölzcher


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 From 1.1.2018, the name of Katring Plus s.r.o. has changed on
Techniques Surfaces Czech Republic s.r.o.

Other details of the company remain unchanged.

Team: Techniques Surfaces Czech Republic s.r.o.


Technology ARCOR



Production plant:

Choteborska 575
582 63 Zdirec nad Doubravou

Czech Republic