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Thermo-chemical surface treatment - "nitriding salt bath"

to improve resistance to wear, galling, wear and corrosion.

ARCOR technology offers the widest range of finishes for components which require either a single or combined frictional properties, resistance to galling, corrosion resistance and surface fatigue. Surface properties of all types of ferrous materials can be improved by refining technology ARCOR (steel, cast iron, sintered iron alloy, etc.).

Through technology ARCOR enable to adjust the concentration of nitrogen and oxygen on the surface of the workpieces. The combination of process parameters, time and temperature (from 490 ° C to 630 ° C), previous or subsequent heat treatment may be achieved specific properties (corrosion resistance, seizing, friction properties, etc.). The technology ARCOR can be combined with heat treatment as carburization induction hardened. Components processed with the following modifications combined subsurface exhibit high mechanical properties together with the surface properties, resistance to friction and corrosion.

Currently recognized as a standard finish in the automotive industry is ARCOR version V, ensuring extreme corrosion resistance and excellent mechanical properties of the surface.

  • surface treatment developed so as to provide a multipurpose surface properties properties increase resistance to wear, galling and fatigue
  • corrosion resistance (in excess of 800 hours by neutral salt spray test)
  • surface treatment complying with demanding operating conditions required for mechanical components made ​​of steel, cast iron and alloy steel
  • the surface finish is founded on carbonitrooxidace, followed by various other modifications
  • provides efficient, economical solutions to meet environmental regulations


  • replacement cover for hard chromium, zinc, cadmium and nickel coverage, replacement  of other types of nitrocarburisatin
  • replacement stainless steel cheaper Steel treated Arcor
  • hydraulic components (ball valves, air springs, slide valves, pipes, piston for hydraulic cylinders, dampers, tubes, ...)
  • automotive parts (ball joints, brake rotors, pistons, cam shafts, clutches, crankshafts, rollers, cage differential , cam breakpoints the door, drive shafts, gears, driver gear boxes, bilets (coils), latches, piston pins, rocker arms, starter motor shaft, steering rack and gear shafts, valves, drive shafts wiper systems
  • mechanical components (staples, pins, rollers, shafts., gate valves, spindles, magnetic coupling)
    tools (forging tools, forming knives, mold)

Technology ARCOR isused in:

•    in the automotive industry
•    in the arms industry
•    in the aviation industry and aviation manufacturing hydraulic
•    in the production of hydraulic machine and agricultural machinery
•    in the production of of pumps and chemical equipment
•    in the production of metalworking and woodworking machines
•    in the production of textile and sewing machines
•    in the production of optical devices

Multifunctionalproperties :

•    high mechanical properties
•    good frictional properties
•    high corrosion resistance
•    functionality roughness
•    obtaining an effect of surface appearance